Scorpio :The Scorpion

Known as The Inspector

Element :Water

Ruling Planets : Pluto & Mars

Precious Metals : Steel & Copper

Magical Birthstone : Topaz

Lucky Day : Tuesday

Lucky Numbers : 2 & 4

Special Colors :  Crimson, Burgundy, Maroon, Deep Red

Season : Autumn



Scorpio - Latin for "the Scorpion" (Skorpios in Greek).

Scorpio is all about power and self-mastery. Scorpio is known as the physician's sign, as Scorpio also wants to give to others. Scorpio is often psychic, making excellent diagnosis of illness.

Scorpio can be protective of there loved ones in the home, but do not try to hide in goings on from Scorpio, as they like to know everything. Scorpio has a very strong likes and dislikes and lets all know what they are.

Scorpio says, "I desire"


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