Pisces : The Two Fishes

Known as the Poet

Element : water

Ruling Planets : Neptune & Jupiter

Precious Metal : Platinum & Pewter

Gemstone : Amethyst

Lucky Numbers 2, 6, 11, 5 & 19

Lucky Day : Friday

Colors: Sea-Green & Lavender

Season : Winter



Pisces called Ichtyes ("the fishes") by the Greeks, "Pisces" being the Latin translation.

Usually Pisces cares little for making money, but cares about ideals and aspirations. Pisces like to dream, he is not interested in competition. Pisces is drawn to the arts, especially the stage. Pisces can be moody and vague.

Pisces is often the friend of the under-dog. Pisces may have many marriages.

Pisces says "I dream"


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