Famous People with the Sun In Cancer


(JUNE 21-JULY 22)

June  365 BC - Alexander the Great
June 21, 1903 - Albert "Al" Hirschfeld - A Jewish American Caricaturist - Best known for his simple black and white satirical portraits of celebrities and Broadway stars.  He did commissions for New York Herald Tribune and The New York Times in 1924. Hirschfeld's art style is unique, and he is considered to be one of the most important figures in contemporary caricature, having influenced countless cartoonists. Hirschfeld's caricatures are almost always drawings of pure line with simple black ink on white paper with little to no shading or crosshatching. His drawings always manage to capture a likeness using the minimum number of lines. Though his caricatures often exaggerate and distort the faces of his subjects he is often described as being a fundamentally "nicer" caricaturist than many of his contemporaries, and being drawn by Hirschfeld was considered an honor more than an insult. Born in St-Louis, Missouri on this date.
June 21, 1905 - Jean-Paul Sartre
June 21, 1912 - Mary McCarthy
June 21, 1921 - Jane Russell - Actress
June 21, 1921 - Judy Holliday
June 21, 1925 - Maureen Stapleton - Actress
June 21, 1927 - Carl B. Stokes - Politician
June 21, 1933 - Bernie Kopell
June 21, 1935 - Francoise Sagan
June 21, 1940 - Mariette Hartley - Actress
June 21, 1947 - Meredith Baxter Birney - Actress - She starred in two hit series, first she became popular in Hollywood with her Emmy nominated portray of Nancy Lawrence Maitland on the television drama Family from 1976 to 1980. The second role she is well-known for is ex-flower child Elyse Keaton on the sitcom Family Ties, which aired from 1982 to 1989. She later earned another Emmy nomination for her work in the TV movie "A Woman Scorned: The Betty Broderick Story." Recently, she's made appearances on the series "What about Brain" and "Cold Case." Born in South Pasadena, California on this date.
June 21, 1947 - Michael Gross - is an American television and movie actor who plays both comedic and dramatic roles. His most notable roles are fatherly figure Steven Keaton from Family Ties and graboid hunter Burt Gummer from the Tremors film and television series. Born in Chicago, Illinois.
June 21, 1973 - Juliette Lewis
June 21, 1977 -  Sarah Hope Slean - Canadian Singer-Songwriter - Pop, Pop rock. Vocals and Keyboard Instruments. born in Pickering, Ontario, Canada.
June 21, 1982 - Prince William of Wales - member of the British Royal Family. He is second in the line of succession to the British throne and those of each of the other Commonwealth Realms. Is the elder son of Charles, Prince of Wales and the late Diana, Princess of Wales, and the grandson of Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh. Born at St Mary's Hospital in Paddington, West London, England
June 22, 1898 - Erich Maria Remarque
June 22, 1906 - Billy Wilder
June 22, 1906 - Anne Morrow Lindbergh
June 22, 1907 - Anne M. Lindbergh - Writer
June 22 1919 - Gower Champion
June 22, 1921 - Joseph Papp
June 22, 1922 - Bill Blass - Designer
June 22, 1936 - Kris Kristofferson - Singer
June 22, 1949 - Lindsay Wagner - Actress
June 22, 1949 - Meryl Streep - Actress
June 22, 1927 - Jack Delinger - Criminal
June 22, 1936 - Kris Kristofferson
June 22, 1949 - Meryl Streep
June 22, 1953 - Cyndi Lauper
June 22, 1954 - Freddie Prinze - Actor
June 22, 1960 - Tracy Pollan
June 22, 1964 - Amy Brenneman - Actress - Brenneman earned two Emmy nominations as a cast member of "NYPD Blue" from 1993-94. She went on to create and star in the hit drama "Judging Amy" from 1999-2005 and earned another three Emmy nominations. On the big screen, she's appeared in films such as "Fear," "Heat" and "Daylight." Breneman has been married to director Brad Siberling since 1995 and the couple has two children. Brenneman was born in New London, Conn., on this day.
June 22, 1973 - Carson Daily
June 23, 1894 - Duke of Windsor - British Royalty
June 23, 1927 - Bob Fosse - Dancer
June 23, 1929 - Carter Cash
June 23, 1948 - Clarence Thomas - Politician
June 23, 1956 - Joe Penny - Actor - Best known for starring in the hit'80s series "riptide" and "Jake and the Fatman." He's appeared on other show's such as "Jane Doe," "CSI" and "Walker, Texas Ranger" as well as recently joining the cast of the long-running soap "Days of Our Lives." Penny was born in London on this day.
June 23, 1957 - Frances McDormand
June 23, 1964 - Joss Whedon - writer and director - Whedon has created such shows as "Buffy The Vampire Slayer," the "Buffy" spin-off "Angel," and the short-lived sci-fi series "Firefly." His latest creation is the science fiction series "Dollhouse" which has met with lukewarm reviews. Upcoming projects for Whedon include producing and writing the horror thriller "The Cabin in the Woods." Whedon was born in New York, New York, on this day.
June 23, 1972 - Selma Blair
June 24, 1942 - Michelle Lee - Actress
June 24, 1895 - Jack Dempsey - Fighter
June 24, 1942 - Michele Lee
June 24, 1944 - Jeff Beck
June 24, 1947 - Mick Fleetwood - is a British-born American musician best known for his role as the drummer with the blues/rock and roll band Fleetwood Mac. Aside from his work as a drummer, he also helped form the different incarnations of his band Fleetwood Mac, and is the sole member to stay with the band through its ever-changing lineup. In 1974, he met and invited Lindsey Buckingham and Stevie Nicks to join Fleetwood Mac. Although Buckingham and Nicks deserve credit for contributing to much of Fleetwood Mac's later commercial success, Mick Fleetwood's determination to keep the band together was essential to Fleetwood Mac's longevity as a band and their lasting international success. Born Michael John Kells "Mick" Fleetwood in Redruth, Cornwall, UK on this day.
June 24, 1949 - Phyllis George - Celebrity
June 24, 1950 - Nancy Allen
June 24, 1958 - Jean Charest - 29th Premier of Quebec, formerly a Canadian lawyer and politician from  the Province of Quebec. Was former leader of the federal Progressive Conservative Party and now current leader of the Quebec Liberal Party. Born in Sherbrooke, Quebec, Canada.
June 24, 1967 - Sherry Stringfield - Actress - Stringfield is best recognized for her three-time Emmy-nominated role as Dr. Susan Lewis on the hit medical drama "ER." Stringfield began her acting career with a three-year stint on the soap opera "Guiding Light" from 1989-1992. She went on to star on the first season of "NYPD Blue." Her recent work includes guest spots on "Law & Order" and "In Plain Sight." Stringfield was born in Colorado Springs, Colorado, on this day.
June 25 - 1903 - George Orwell  - Writer - pen name "Eric Arthur Blair"
June 25, 1925 - June Lockhart
June 25, 1945 - Carly Simon - Singer
June 25, 1947 - Jimmie Walker -Actor - Walker is best known for his role s J.J. on the groundbreaking 1970s sitcom "Good Times." And coined phrase "Dynamite" and "Kid Dynamite." The former stand-up comedian, Walker found success on television after guest appearance on "The Jack Paar Show" and "Rowan and Martin's Laugh In." Walker is still quite active in TV land with a recurring role on "Everybody Hates Chris" and appearances on "The George Lopez Show." Jimmie was born on this day in New York City.
June 25, 1949 - Phyllis George
June 25, 1956 - Chloe Webb - Actress - Webb is probably best remembered for starring as Sid Vicious' girlfriend in the 1986 movie "Sid and Nancy." she was a regular on the war drama "China Beach" and has appeared recently on the series such as "CSI," "Medium" and "House." On the big screen, Webb has starred in such films as "Practical Magic," "The Newton Boys" and "Twins." Webb was born in New York City on this day.
June 25, 1963 - George Michael
June 26, 1854 - Sir Robert Bordon
June 26, 1912 - Norman Cousins - Writer
June 26, 1956 - Chris Isaak - Singer and Actor - Isaak may be most easily recognized for his 1991 hit single "Wicked Game." He hosted his own show "The Chris Isaak Show" from 2001 -2004 and has starred in such films as "Dirty shame," "That Thing you Do!," and "The Silence Of The Lambs." Besides music and acting, Isaak is a former Golden Gloves boxing champion. Isaak was born in Stockton, California on this day.
June 26, 1970 - Sean Patrick Hayes - Actor - Hayes is probably most easily recognized as Jack McFarland from the long-running series "Will & Grace," a role that earned him an Emmy award and seven nominations. He's also lent his talents to movies such as "Cats & Dogs," "Martin and Lewis" and "The Bucket List." Hayes is a trained classical pianist and has performed with Chicago's famed Second City Comedy Troupe. Hayes was born in Chicago on this day.
June 26, 1970 - Chris O'Donnell 
June 26, 1976 - Holly Go Go
June 26, 1976 - Jenteal
June 26, 1980 - Jason Schwartzman
June 27, 1880 - Helen Keller
June 27, 1909 - Billy Curtis -Actor
June 27, 1927 - Bob Keeshan - Entertainer
June 27, 1930 - H. Ross Perot - Politician
June 27, 1951 - Julia Duffy - Actress - Duffy is best known for her Emmy-nominated role as Stephanie Vanderkellen on the long-running series "Newhart." The actress has also been a regular on the sitcoms "Designing Woman," "The Mommies" and "Drake & Josh" as well as making a recent appearance on cable TV's "Campus Ladies." Julia was born in Minneapolis on this day.
June 27, 1974 - Christian Kane - Actor - Kane currently stars as Eliot Spencer on the cable series "Leverage." He's also starred in the series "close to Home" and on the "Buffy" spinoff, "Angel." He's appeared in films such as "Taxi," "Secondhand Lions" and "summer Catch." Kane also performs as the lead singer for the moderately successful rock band KANE, which has toured throughout the U.S. and Europe. Kane was born in Dallas, Texas, on this day.
June 27, 1975 - Tobey Maguire
June 28, 1712 - Jean-Jacques Rousseau
June 28, 1914 - Lester Flatt - Country musician
June 28, 1926 - Mel Brooks - Comedian Director Actor Produced "Blazing Saddles," "Spaceballs"
June 28, 1932 - Pat "Noriyuki" Mortia
June 28, 1946 - Gilda Radner - Comedienne
June 28, 1948 - Kathy Bates - Top-notch actress - Bates became a late-blooming superstar on 1990 for her Oscar-winning performance as psychotic Annie Wilkes in the thriller "Misery." she earned a second Oscar nomination for "Primary Colors" and has been nominated for Emmy awards for her performances in "six Feet Under," the TV movie "Ambulance Girl" and the biopic "Warm Springs" as well four other nominations. Born on this day in Memphis.
June 28, 1966 - John Cusak - Actor
June 29, 1900 - Antoine de Saint-Exupery
June 29, 1901 - Nelson Eddy - Singer
June 29, 1919 - Slim Pickens
June 29, 1930 - Robert Evans
June 29, 1944 - Gary Busey - Actor
June 29, 1947 - Richard Lewis
June 29, 1957 - Maria Conchita Alonso
June 30, 1917 - Susan Hayward
June 30, 1917 - Lena Horne
June 30, 1934 - Harry Blackstone JR. - Magician
June 30, 1966 - Mike Tyson - Boxer - Fighter
June 30 - 1984 - Fantasia Barrino - American R&B/soul Singer - Fantasia gained stardom as the winner of the third season 2004 of "American Idol." Her first album, Free Yourself, was certified platinum and received four Grammy nominations. She's since released two albums, including the Grammy-nominated "Fantasia" was certified gold, received three Grammy nominations and featured the 8-week #1 Billboard Hot R&B hit "When I See U." She also has starred on Broadway in a production of "The Color Purple." She's written an autobiography "Life is Not a Fairy Tale" and has starred in a television movie based on the book. Fantasia was born on this day in High Point, N.C.
July 1, 1916 - Oliva De Havilland - Actor
July 1, 1924 - Constance Ford
July 1, 1931 - Leslie Caron - Actress
July 1, 1934 - Jamie Farr - Actor
July 1, 1939 - Karen Black - Actress, Screenwriter, singer, Songwriter - She is noted for her portrayals of troubled women on the edge, and her career has spanned five decades. Black may be best known for her Golden Globe-winning, Oscar nominated role as Rayette Dippesto in "Five Easy Pieces," as well as her second Golden globe-winning performance in "The Great Gatsby." Recently the actress embarked upon a career as a playwright, penning and starring in the play "Missouri Waltz." Born  Karen Blanche Ziegler in Park Ridge, Illinois on this day.
July 1, 1941 - Twyla Tharp - Singer
July 1, 1945 - Deborah  "Blondie" Harry - Lead Singer of the 70's Rock Group "Blondie"
July 1, 1952 -  Dan Aykroyd - Comedian- Actor
July 1, 1961 - Princess Diana of Wales {Lady Diana Frances Spencer}- British Royalty
July 1, 1961 - Carl Lewis
July 1, 1967 - Pamela Anderson - Actress - Active member of "PETA" and Canada Day Baby.
July 1, 1971 -  Missy Elliott "Melissa Arnette Elliott"
July 1, 1977 - Liv Tyler
July 2, 1821 - Sir Charles Tupper
July 2, 1877 - Hermann Hesse - Writer
July 2, 1908 - Thurgood Marshall - Supreme Court Justice
July 2, 1922 - Dan Rowan - Comedian
July 2, 1929 - Imelda Marcos - Celebrity
July 2, 1907 - Dorothy West
July 2, 1937 - Richard Petty
July 2, 1940 - Paul Williams
July 2, 1951 - Cheryl Ladd - Actress
July 2, 1954 - Wendy Schaal - Actress - Wendy is probably best recognized for providing the voice of Francine on the animated series "American Dad." She's appeared in films such as "Small soldiers," "The Burbs" and "Innerspace" and has guest-starred on TV shows such as "Northern Exposure," "Night Court" and "Fantasy Island." Schaal is the former stepdaughter of actress Valerie Harper and the daughter of actor Richard Schaal. Schaal was born in Chicago, Illinois, on this day. 
July 2, 1956 - Jerry Hall
July 2, 1960 - Julia Montgomery
July 2, 1983 - Michelle Branch
July 2, 1985 - Ashley Tisdale - Singer and Actress - Tisdale may be best known as Maddie on the series "The Secret Lives of Zack and Cody." She also starred in the movie "High School Musical," its sequel, and is slatd to star in the third installment. Other projects for this young actress include the films "Picture This" and "They Came from Upstairs." Ashley was born in Monmouth County, N.J. on this day.
July 2, 1986 - Lindsay Lohan - Actress
July 3, 1870 - Richard B. Bennett
July 3, 1873 - George M. Cohen - Songwriter
July 3, 1883 - Franz Kafka - was one of the major German-language fiction writers of the 20th century. His unique body of writing much of which is incomplete and was mainly published posthumously is among the most influential in Western literature.
His stories, such as The Metamorphosis (1915), and novels, including The Trial (1925) and The Castle (1926), concern troubled individuals in a nightmarishly impersonal and bureaucratic world. Born in Prague, Austria-Hungary (now Czech Republic) on this day.
July 3, 1914 - Don Haggerty - Actor
July 3, 1927 - Ken Russell
July 3, 1947 - Betty Buckley - Actress and singer - Buckley is probably best known to TV viewers as Abby on "Eight Is Enough" which aired from 1977-1981. She's starred in films such as "Carrie," "Tender Mercies" and, most recently "The Happening" and has appeared on Broadway in "Cat," "1776" and "Sunset Boulevard." Buckley has released 13 solo albums and performs across the country with her band, Quintessence. Buckley was born in Fort Worth, Texas, on this day.
July 3, 1956 - Montel Williams
July 3, 1957 - Laura Branigan
June 3, 1962 - Tom "Thomas" Cruise - Cruise has come a long way from juvenile leads in the early 1980s films such as "Risky Business," "Taps" and "The Outsider." tom soared to even greater fame in "Top Gun" and is now one of the world's leading cinema performers thanks to films such as "Mission Impossible." Look for him next year in the controversial "Valkyrie" about a plot to assassinate Hilter. Cruise was born in Syracuse, N.Y. on this day.
July 3, 1964 - Yeardley Smith - Voice-over and actress. Smith originated the role as the perky voice of eight-year old Lisa Simpson. A character which originated on the series "The Tracey Ullman Show" and now continues on the hit series "The Simpsons." Her TV credits include The Simpsons, dharma & Greg, Herman's Head, Sports Night, Brothers, Empty Nest, Becker, Nash Bridges, Mama's Family and Murphy Brown. Smith has been married to Daniel Erickson since 2002. Born in Paris during her father's European stint as a journalist for United press International, Smith grew up in Washington, D.C.
July 3, 1973 - Mimi Miyagi
July 4, 1804 - Nathaniel Hawthorne
July 4, 1826 - Steven Foster - Songwriter
July 4, 1872 - Calvin Coolidge - Politician
July 4, 1898 - Gertrude Lawrence
July 4, 1910 - Gloria Stuart
July 4, 1918 - Abigale Van Buren - Columnist
July 4, 1918 - Ann Landers - Columnist
July 4, 1920 - Leona Helmsley - Celebrity
July 4, 1927 - Gina Lollobrigida - Italian Actress
July 4, 1927 - Neil Simon - Playwright
July 4, 1943 - Gerardo Rivera - TV Host
July 4, 1949 - Dr. Joyce Brothers
July 4, 1978 - Andrea Gabriel - Actress - The daughter of soap actors John and Sandy Gabriel. Gabriel has appeared in a recurring role as Nadia on the hit drama "Lost" since 2004. She's also guest-starred on TV series' such as "Criminal Minds," "JAG" and "Law & Order." Gabriel appeared in the 2008 film "The Dark Horse" and the 2002 film "Hyper," as well as in the 2004 TV movie "Foster Hall" with Macaulay Culkin. Gabriel was born in Los Angeles, California, on this day.
July 5, 1804 - George Sand
July 5, 1810 - P.T. Barnum
July 5, 1889 - Jean Cocteau - Artist
July 5, 1928 - Warren Oates
July 5, 1946 - Pierre-Marc Johnson - 24th Premier of Quebec - He was a Quebec lawyer, physician and politician. He was the Parti Québécois (PQ) Premier of Quebec, Canada, from October 3 to December 12, 1985. His father, Daniel Johnson, Sr., served as Premier of Quebec from 1966 to 1968. His brother, Daniel Johnson, Jr., served as Premier for nine months in 1994. Born in Montreal Quebec, Canada on this day.
July 5, 1950 - Huey Lewis
July 5, 1951 - Huey Lewis - Celebrity
July 5, 1963 - Edie Falco - Actress - Falco greatest success has come with her three-time Emmy winning role as Carmela on the hit cable TV drama "The Sopranos." She's also starred in "Oz," and had recurring roles on "Law & Order" and "Homicide: Life on the Streets," as well as appearing in Broadway productions of "Side Man" and "Frankie and Johnny in the Claire De Lune." Falco was born in Brooklyn, N.Y. on this day.
July 5, 1966 - Kathryn Erbe
July 5, 1976 - Liberty Phoenix
July 6, 1832 - Maximilian - Emperor of Mexico
July 6, 1847 - Katherine Tingley - Theosophist
July 6, 1907 - Barbara Stanwick - Actress
July 6, 1921 - Nancy Reagan
July 6, 1925 - Merv Griffin - TV Host
July 6, 1926 - Janet Leigh
July 6, 1935 - Dalai Lama XIV - Religious Figure. His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama is both the head of state and the spiritual leader of Tibet. Born to a farming family, in a small hamlet located in Taktser, Tibet
July 6, 1945 - Burt Ward - Actor - Played Robin in the '60s series "Batman."
July 6, 1946 - Sylvester Stallone - Actor
July 6, 1951 - Geoffrey Rush
July 6, 1964 - Bernardo Bonezzi
July 6, 1983 - Gregory Smith - Actor - Smith is probably best known for portraying Ephram Brown on the series "Everwood." He's appeared in films such as "Small Soldiers," "The Patriot" and "Boot Camp." He recently made an appearance as a guest-star on the series "Eli Stone." Brown first appeared in commercials at the age 14 months and made his film debut in the 1994 movie "Andre." Smith was born in Toronto, Canada on this day.
July 7, 1491 - King Henry VIII - Royalty
July 7, 1887 - Marc Chagall
July 7, 1922 - Pierre Cardin - Fashsion designer
July 7, 1925 - Merv Griffin - Producer
July 7, 1922 - Pierre Cardin - Designer
July 7, 1940 - Ringo Starr - Musician for the '60s rock Band the "Beatles"
July 7, 1947 - Camilla Parker Bowles - Celebrity
July 7, 1949 - Shelly Duvall - Actress - Duvall made her acting debut in the 1970 Robert Altman film "Brewster McCloud" and has gone on to appear in such classics as "The Shining," "Time Bandits" and "Annie Hall." In the 1980', Duvall created the popular children's show "Faerie Tale Theatre" as well as the Emmy-nominated "Shelley Duvall's Bedtime Stories" and "Tale Tales and Legends." Duvall was born in Houston on this day.
July 7, 1959 - Jessica Hahn - Celebrity
July 7, 1956 - Tom Hanks - Actor
July 7, 1968 - Jorja Fox
July 7, 1968 - Allen Payne - Actor - Payne has starred as title character C.J. Payne on the sitcom "House of Payne" since 2006. On the big screen, Payne has stared in films such as "The Walking Dead," "Jason's Lyric" and "New Jack City." One of Payne's earlier parts was a recurring role as Lance Rodman on the classis series "The Crosby Show." Payne was born in New York city on this day.
July 7, 1992 - Sophie Tweed-Simmons - Reality television actress - She was born the daughter of Israeli-born musician Gene Simmons and Canadian-born actress/model Shannon Tweed. She is the sister of Nicholas. She is most notable as part of the cast of the A&E reality television show Gene Simmons Family Jewels. Sophie was born in Los Angeles, California on this day.
July 8, 1908 - Nelson Rockefeller
July 8, 1933 - Marty Feldman - Comedian/ actor
July 8, 1942 - Phil Gramm - Celebrity
July 8, 1946 - Cynthia Gregory
July 8, 1951 - Anjelica Huston - Actress - Huston has won a 1985 Best Supporting Actress Oscar, starring opposite Jack Nicholson, in "Prizzi's Honor" and portrayed a very memorable Morticia in two popular "Addams Family" Movies. She's also earned Oscar nominations for work in "The Grifters" and "Enemies, A Love Story." This talented thespian is the daughter of famed director john Huston and the granddaughter of actor Walter Huston. Huston was born in Santa Monica, Calif. on this day.
July 8, 1958 - Kevin Bacon - Actor
July 8, 1978 - Kathleen Robertson - Actress - Robertson's biggest claim to fame was portraying Clare Arnold on the series "Beverly hills, 90210" from 1994-97. Recently, Robertson starred in the TV movies "Glitch" and "the Terrorist Next Door." Robertson also starred in the short-live 2006 series "The Business" and has appeared on episodes of "Medium" and "Law & Order: Criminal Intent." Robertson was born in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada on this day.
July 9, 1916 - Edward Heath - Statemans
July 9, 1940 - Brian Dennehy - Actor
July 9, 1947 - O.J. Simpson - Football player/ Sports Figure, Actor
July 9, 1951 - Angelica Huston - Actress
July 9, 1955 - Jimmy Smits - Actor - Smits won an Emmy as the star of the hit TV drama "L.A. Law" and a Golden Globe for his work on the crime series "NYPD Blue." He's appeared regularly on "The West Wing" and starred recently in the short-lived series "Cane." His movie roles include roles in "Star Wars" Episodes II and III, as well as in "Murder In Mind" and "the Believers." Smits was born in Brooklyn, N.Y. on this date.
July 9, 1956 - Tom Hanks - Comedian/ Actor
July 9, 1956 - Jimmy Smits - Actor
July 9, 1964 - Courtney Love - Singer
July 9, 1976 - Fred Savage - Actor - Savage well be forever immortalized in TV history for his portrayal of Kevin Arnold on the groundbreaking series "The Wonder Years" that aired from 1988-1993. Since then, Savage has starred in short-lived series such as "Crumbs," "Oswald" and "Working." On the big screen, Savage has appeared in movies such as "Austin Powers in Goldmember," "The Wizard" and "Little Monsters." Savage was born in Glencoe, Illinois, on this day.
July 10, 1856 - Nikola Tesla - Scientist
July 10, 1871 - Marcel Proust
July 10, 1897 - Leggs Diamond - Gangster
July 10, 1914 - Joe Shuster
July 10, 1920 - David Brinkley - Journalist
July 10, 1926 - Fred "Herman Munster" Gwynne - Actor - play in "Car 54 Where Are You," and the "Munsters".
July 10, 1927 - David Dinkins - Politician
July 10, 1943 - Robert Pine - Actor - Pine is most easily recognized by TV viewers as Sgt. Getraer, a key character on "CHiPs" from 1977-1983. In the '80s, Pine portrayed Magnum's father on "Magnum P.I." and he was a cast member of both the soaps "Days of Our Lives" and "The Bold and the Beautiful." Recently, Pine guest-starred on the series "Leverage" and "General Hospital: Night Shift," as well as appearing in the film "Lakeview Terrace." Pine was born in Scarsdale, New York, on this day.
July 10, 1943 - Arthur Ashe - Athlete
July 10, 1947 - Arlo Guthrie - Singer
July 10, 1972 - Sofía Vergara - Is a Colombian model and actress. Vergara was discovered by a photographer while walking a Colombian beach. Soon, she was presented with attractive offers in modeling and TV work, and followed that course. Having been raised rather conservatively and devoutly religious, this was a bit overwhelming at first. In an article in the January 2002 Maxim magazine, Vergara was described as "apprehensive about doing her first TV commercial—until her Catholic schoolteachers gave her permission to take the job". She made her first public appearance at the age of 17 in a Pepsi commercial that was widely telecast all over Latin America.Vergara moved to Bogotá at the age of 20, where she worked as a model on the runway and on TV. From 1995 to 1999, she was co-host with Fernando Fiore on Fuera de Serie ("Out of the Ordinary" or "Over-the-Top"), a series which sent her to exotic places all over the world (this is similar to the U.S. Wild On! travel series). It was telecast on the international Univision Spanish-language network, and it made her a star in the Latin American market and gave her some USA TV exposure. She also co-hosted the Univision show A que no te atreves ("I Dare You"). She recently appeared as a guest star on the HBO series Entourage.Besides runway and catalog modeling work, Vergara also did independent projects. She was photographed for posters swimsuit calendars in 1998, 2000, and 2002. These were top sellers in Latin America, and also penetrated the North American market. She did South American television ads, and also posed in swimsuits for posters for beer advertising, especially for Miller Lite beer. Vergara is 1.70 m (5 ftin) tall, and she has naturally blonde/sunbleached hair (for films and TV, she is frequently required to dye it brunette to make her look more "Latina"). Vergara was long under an exclusive TV contract with Univision, and after it expired, she accepted a role with ABC in the United States. With ABC, she appeared on the sitcoms Hot Properties and The Knights of Prosperity. Vergara currently plays Alicia Oviedo in the Colombian version of Desperate Housewives, Amas de Casa Desesperadas. She also currently appears on the ABC drama Dirty Sexy Money as Jeremy Darling's new love interest. She also made a guest appearance in the Mexican soap opera Fuego En La Sangre. Born Sofía Margarita Vergara in Barranquilla, Atlantico, Colombia on this day
July 10, 1980 - Jessica Simpson - American Pop Singer and Actress - Simpson rose to fame in the late 1990, and achieved her greatest musical success with hit singles "With You" and "Irresistible." She's since starred in "that 70s Show" (2002-2003) as Annette and  "Newlyweds: Nick And Jessica," her own reality TV series with now ex-husband Nick Lachey, as well as appeared as cousin Daisy Duke in the movies rehash of the classic TV series "The Dukes of Hazzard." (2005). Jessica is the big sister of pop-star wannabe Ashley Simpson. Born Jessica Ann Simpson in Abilene, Texas, United States on this date.
July 11, 1899 - E. B. White
July 11, 1915 - Yul Brynner - Actor
July 11, 1931 - Tab Hunter - Actor
July 11, 1934 - Georgio Armani - Designer
July 11, 1953 - Leon Spinks - Fighter
July 11, 1958 - Mark Lester
July 11, 1959 , - Suzanne Vega - Singer - Vega was best known for her edgy folk-like sound and her most memorable hits are the singles "Tom's Diner" and "Luka." In 2007, she released the Grammy winning album "Beauty & Crime" as well as the single "pornographer's Dream," which was a No.1 hit on the iPod charts. Vega was born in New York city on this day.
July 11, 1963 - Lisa Rinna
July 11, 1975 - Lil Kim - Is an Grammy Award winning, American multi-platinum Hip-Hop, rapper and singer. After making her presence known on Junior M.A.F.I.A.'s debut album, Conspiracy, Lil' Kim launched a solo career in 1996 with the release of her first record, Hard Core. As the album's title implies, Kim was a rarity among female rappers -- one who not only concentrated on edgy hardcore rap but also explicit sexuality. Her 2005 album, The Naked Truth, was awarded the 5 mics award from The Source magazine. She is the only female rapper so far to have achieved this distinction. She is the second highest selling female hip hop artist of all time (behind Missy Elliot), with 14 million records sold worldwide. Born  Kimberly Denise Jones in Brooklyn New York on this day.
July 11, 1975 - David Henrie - Actor - Henrie has starred as Jason Rusoo on "Wizards of Waverly Place" since 2007 and he will continue the part in the "Wizards of Waverly Place: The Movie." He's also starred on the series "How I Meet Your Mother" and appeared regularly on "That's So Raven." Hernie is the brother of child actor Lorenzo Henrie. Henrie was born in Los Angeles, California, on this day.
July 12, 1817 - Henry David Thoreau  - Writer
July 12, 1884 - Amedeo Modigliani
July 12, 1908 - Milton Berle - Comedian
July 12, 1917 - Andrew Wyeth - Painter
July 12, 1934 - Van Cliburn - Musician
July 12, 1937 - Bill Cosby - Comedian
July 12, 1948 - Richard Simmons - Fitness Advocate, Coach/ Celebrity
July 12, 1951 - Cheryl Ladd -Actress - Ladd became a superstar overnight in 1977 when she replaced Farrah fawcett on the 1976 hit series "Charlie Angels." She also starred on the series "One West Waikiki" and has written the children's book "the adventures of Little Nettie Windship." She's appeared on Broadway in a production of "Annie Get Your Gun" and most recently she starred on the 2003 hit series "Las Vegas." Born Cherly Stoppelmoor on this day in Huron, South Dakota.  
July 12, 1957 - Mel Harris - Actress
July 12, 1963 - Michelle Rodriguez - An American Actress - Rodriquez known for starring in films such as Girlfight, The Fast and the Furious, Resident Evil, and S.W.A.T. as well as her role in the television series Lost. Having run across an ad for an open casting call and attending her first audition, Rodriguez beat 350 other applicants to win her first role in the low-budget 2000 independent film, Girlfight. Rodriguez's performance as Diana Guzman, a troubled teen who decides to channel her aggression by training to become a boxer, was recognized by both critics and audiences, but despite major industry buzz of a possible Academy Award nomination, she did not receive the Oscar nod. In 2004, Rodriguez lent her voice to the video game Halo 2, playing a Marine. She also provided the voice of Liz Ricarro in the Cartoon Network series IGPX. From 2005 to 2006, she played tough cop Ana Lucia Cortez on the television series Lost during the show's second season (the character's first appearance was a flashback on season 1's finale, Exodus: Part 1), and returned for a cameo in the second episode of the show's fifth season in 2009. In 2006, Rodriguez was featured in her own episode of G4's show Icons. Rodriguez next appears in the latest installment of the The Fast and the Furious franchise, which is entitled simply Fast & Furious, due to hit theaters April 3, 2009. Rodriguez was born Mayte Michelle Rodriguez in Bexar County on this day.
July 13, 1928 - Bob Crane - Actor - Starred in the 60s series "Hogan's Heros."
July 13, 1940 - Patrick Hewes Stewart - is an Emmy and Golden Globe-nominated English film, television and is an accomplished stage actor. He is also Chancellor of the University of Huddersfield. He rose to superstardom portraying Captain Jean-Luc Picard of the  starship Enterprise in the popular TV series "Star Trek: The Next Generation", and continues to shine on the big screen, portraying Professor Xavier in the blockbuster "X-Men" films franchise. Stewart's voice can be found regularly on the hit animated series "American Dad" portraying Stan's CIA boss. Born in Mirfield, West Yorkshire, England.
July 13, 1942 - Harrison Ford - Actor
July 13, 1946 - Richard "Cheech" Martin
July 13, 1950 - David Duke - Celebrity
July 13, 1954 - Louise Mandrell - Singer
July 14, 1903 - Irving Stone
July 14, 1910 - William Hanna - Cartoon Animator and creator of the "Flintstones," "Jetsons," "Yogi Bear," "Quick Draw," "Atom Ant," "Secret Squirrel."
July 14, 1911 - Terry Thomas - British comedian actor
July 14, 1913 - Gerald Ford - American President
July 14, 1918 - Ingmar Bergman - Filmmaker
July 14, 1926 - Harry Dean Stanton
July 14, 1927 - John Chancellor - Journalist
July 14, 1930 - Polly Bergen
July 14, 1933 - Robert Bourassa - 22nd Premier of Quebec In office May 12, 1970 – November 25, 1976. Born Montreal, Quebec.
July 14, 1938 - Jerry Rubin - Activist
July 14, 1939 - Sid Haig - Actor  - Haig has appeared in films and TV for nearly 50 years, primarily portraying bad guys and villains on shows such as "Gunsmoke," "Mission: Impossible" and "Buck Rogers." His career has recently resurged with starring roles in horror films such as "House Of 1000 Corpses," "The devil's rejects" and "Halloween." An accomplished drummer, Haig performed on the T-Birds top 10 hit "Full House" in 1958. Haig was born in Fresno, California, on this day.
July 14, 1952 - Joel Silver - Film producer - Silver is the man responsible for producing "The Matrix" movie trilogy, the "Lethal Weapon" franchise and the first two "Die Hard" installments. Silver owns Silver Pictures and the Dark Castle Entertainment production companies and appeared on camera during a brief appearance in "who Framed Roger Rabbit." Silver was born in South Orange, New Jersey.
July 14 1976 - Kristen Sheridan
July 15, 1944 - Jan-Michael Vincent
July 15, 1946 - Linda Ronstadt - Singer - Ronstadt has collected 11 Grammy awards in an illustrious career with hit singles such as "Blue Bayou" and "Heart Like a Wheel." she began her career as a member of The Stone Poneys, who charted with the hit "Different Drum." Later, as a solo artist, her back-up band went on to form the legendary rock group The Eagles. Ronstadt also won a Tony award for her performance in the 1981 production of "The Pirates of Penzance." Ronstadt was born in Tucson, Arizona, on this day.
July 15, 1951 - Jesse Ventura - Ex wrestler
July 15, 1960 - Willie Aames
July 15, 1963 - Bridgitt Nielsen - Actress
July 15, 1973 - Brain Austin Green- Actor - Green can be recognized for his role as David on the hit '90s series "Beverly hills 90210." Green made his debut with a three-year stint on the prime time soap opera "Knots Landing" from 1987-89. More recently Green stars as John Connor's uncle on the new series "Terminator: The Sarah Connors Chronicles." Green was born in Van Nuys, California on this day.
July 16, 1821 - Mary Baker Eddy - Religious Figure
July 16, 1907 - Barbara Stanwyck - Actress
July 16, 1911 - Ginger Rogers - Dancer/Actress
July 16, 1924 - Bess Myerson
July 16, 1926 - Stanley Clements
July 16, 1948 - Ruben Blades - Actor - blades has starred in films such as "The Milagro Beanfield War," "Predator 2" and "Once Upon a Time in Mexico." Also a prominent figure in the salsa music world, Blades has recorded dozens of popular salsa albums since 1970. In 1994, Blades ran unsuccessfully to become president of Panama and from 2004-09, he served as Panama's Minister of Tourism.  Blades was born in Panama city, Panama, on this day.
July 16, 1967 - Will Ferrell - Is an Emmy- and Golden Globe-nominated American comedian, actor, voice actor, and writer who first established himself as a cast member of Saturday Night Live, and has since gone on to a successful film career, starring in the comedies A Night at the Roxbury (1998), Old School, Elf (both 2003), Anchorman (2004), Kicking & Screaming (2005), Talladega Nights, Stranger than Fiction (both 2006), Blades of Glory (2007), Semi-Pro (2008) and Step Brothers (2008). He is considered a member of the frat pack, a generation of leading Hollywood comic actors of the late 1990s and 2000s including Jack Black, Ben Stiller, Steve Carell, Vince Vaughn, and brothers Owen and Luke Wilson. Born John William "Will" Ferrell on this day in Irvine, California.
July 16, 1971 - Corey Feldman - Actor - Feldman rose to stardom as a child actor in films such as "The Goonies," and "Stand by Me" and "Friday the 13th: The Final Chapter." As a teen he found success paired with Corey Haim in "The Lost Boys" and "License To drive." Feldman and Haim reunited in 2007 to star together in the reality series "The Two Coreys," which will continue in the 2008 season. Feldman was born in Chatsworth, California on this day.
July 17, 1889 - Erle Stanley Gardner
July 17, 1899 - James Cagney
July 17, 1912 - Art Linkletter - Comedian
July 17, 1917 - Phyllis Diller - Comedienne
July 17, 1934 - Donald Sutherland  - Actor
July 17, 1935 - Diahann Carroll - Black American Actress - Carroll will be best known for her groundbreaking and Golden Globe-winning title role in the popular 1960's series "Julia." She was the first black woman to win a Tony award in the 1962 production of "No Strings" and earned a 1974 Oscar nomination for her performance in "Claudine." She's also starred on TV series such as "Dynasty," "A Different World" and more recently was a regular on the medical drama "Grey's Anatomy." Carroll was born in The Bronx, New York on this day.
July 17, 1935 - Donald Sutherland - Actor
July 17, 1950 - P.J. Soles - Actress - Soles made her trade mark in movies such as "Halloween," "Carrie" and "Stripes." More recently, she's continued working in horror films such as "Alone in the Dark II" and "Eternal." Her next project will be starring in the thriller "Stingy Jack." Soles' personal claim to fame was a brief marriage to actor Dennis Quaid. Soles was born Pamela Jayne Hardon in Frankfurt, Germany, on this day.
July 17, 1951 - Lucy Arnaz - Actress
July 17, 1952 - David Hasselhoff - Actor - "Baywatch"
July 18, 1811 - William Makepeace Thackeray
July 18, 1834 - James Abbott McNeill Whistler
July 18, 1906 - Clifford Odets
July 18, 1911 - Hugh Cronyn - Actor
July 18, 1913 - Richard " Red " Skelton- Comedian
July 18, 1915 - Keith Richards
July 18, 1921 - John Glenn - Astronaut
July 18, 1938 - Paul Verhoeven - film director - Verhoeven has directed such blockbusters as "Robocop" and "Basic Instinct" but may be even more famous for directing the legendary 1995 flop "Showgirls." Most recently. he directed the successful Dutch film "Black Book" and his latest project is slated to be "The Thomas Crown Affair 2." Verhoeven was born in Amsterdam, the Netherlands on this day.
July 18, 1960 - Anne-Marie Johnson
July 18, 1961 - Elizabeth McGovern
July 18, 1967 - Vin Diesel "Mark Sinclair Vincent"
July 18, 1985 - Chance Crawford - Actor - Crawford is probably most easily recognized for his portrayal of Nate Archibald on the popular series "Gossip Girl." He has appeared twice on "Family Guy" and had parts in the films "The Covenant" and "The Haunting of Molly Hartley." Crawford is slated to star in the upcoming rehash of the '80s blockbuster "Footloose." Crawford's sister, Candice Crawford, was Miss Missouri USA 2008. Crawford was born in Lubbock, Texas, on this day.
July 19, 1860 - Lizzy Borden - Folk Figure
July 19, 1903 - Billy  Nelson
July 19, 1922 - George McGovern - Politician
July 19, 1941 - Vikki Carr
July 19, 1962 - Anthony Edwards
July 19, 1965 - Dame Elizabeth Ann Glennie - Scottish Virtuoso Percussionist - she was the first full-time solo professional Percussionist of the 20th century western society. Glennie was born in Aberdeen, Scotland.
July 19, 1970 - Milena Velba - Adult Model born in north western part of the czech republic, in a small town called Usti Nad Labem
July 19, 1982 - Jared Padalecki - Actor - Padalecki better known to viewers as Sam on the hit otherworldly cable TV series "Supernatural." He rose to stardom as a regular on "Glimore Girls" qand has appeared in films such as "House of Wax" and "New York Minute." He's hosted the reality series "Room 401" and had the title role in the recent release "Thomas Kinkade's Home For Christmas." Born in San Antonio, Texas on this day.
July 20, 1890 - Theda Bara - Actress
July 20, 1938 - Natalie Wood - Actress
July 20, 1938 - Dianna Rigg - Actress
July 20, 1946 - Kim Carnes - Singer
July 20, 1947 - Carlos Santana - Guitarist musician
July 20, 1957 - Donna Dixon - Actress
July 20, 1964 - Chris Cornell
July 20, 1980 - Gisele Bundchen - Actress and Model - Gisele is one of the most popular supermodels in the world and has appeared on more magazine covers than any other model. Bundchen has delved into movies, appearing in both "The Devil Wears Prada" and "Taxi." The supermodel married New England Patriots star quarterback Tom Brady in 2009. Bundchen was born in Horizontina, Brazil, on this day.
July 20, 1988 - Julianne Hough - Is an American professional ballroom dancer and country music singer. The television newsmagazine 20/20 describes her as one of the "very best dancers on the planet."[1] She has won several international titles, and is the youngest professional dancer ever to have competed on the televised competition Dancing with the Stars.
Hough was signed to Mercury Nashville Records as a recording artist. She has released her debut Mercury single "That Song in My Head" to country radio, and her self-titled debut album was released May 20, 2008. It debuted at #1 on the Billboard Country Album chart and #3 on the Billboard Hot 200 albums. According to Billboard Magazine, it was the largest debut by a new artist in country music since 2006. Born in Provo, Utah, USA on this day.
July 21, 1899 - Ernest Hemingway - Writer
July 21, 1911 - Marshall McLuhan
July 21, 1920 - Isaac Stern
July 21, 1924 - Don Knotts - "Jesse Donald Knotts" Comedian/ Actor The Andy Griffin Show
July 21, 1948 - Cat Stevens - Popular '60s Singer - Stevens who now goes by the name Yusuf Islam after his 1977 conversion to Islam. He recorded the triple-platinum albums "tea for the Tillerman" and "Teaser and the Firecat" as well as the No. 1 hit album "Catch Bull at Four." In 2006 he released his first album in nearly 30 years entitled "An Other Cup." Born Steven Demetre Georgiou in London, England on this day.
July 21, 1951 - Robin Williams - Is an American TV Comedian, stage and film actor and stand-up comic who has won an Academy Award for his performance in Good Will Hunting, as well as six Golden Globes, two Screen Actors Guild Awards and three Grammy Awards. His film career began in 1980 following his success in the television series Mork & Mindy, and he remains active as a film actor and stand-up comedian. He was voted 13th on Comedy Central Presents: 100 Greatest Stand-Ups of All Time. Born Robin McLaurim Williams in Chicago, Illinois on this day.
July 21, 1957 - Jon Lovitz - Is an American actor and comedian made his biggest splash and perhaps best known as a cast member of "Saturday Night Live" from 1985 - 1990 and starred as the voice of Jay Sherman in the short-lived animated series "The Critic" an American animated series that was originally broadcast on ABC in 1994 (later on FOX in 1995). He has been credited on "The Simpsons" as the voice of several different characters. On the big screen, Lovitz appeared in films such as "The Benchwarmers," "The Producers" and "Southland Tales." Born Jonathan M. "Jon" Lovitz in Tarzana, California on this day.
July 21, 1964 - Susan Swift -Is an American former child actress, active in late 1970s and 1980s. Born Susan Rachel Swift in Houston, Texas on this day.
July 22, 1890 - Rose Kennedy -She  was the wife of Joseph Kennedy and the mother of President John F. Kennedy. Born Rose Elizabeth Fitzgerald in the North End neighborhood of Boston, Massachusetts on this day.
July 22, 1923 - Bob Dole
July 22, 1928 - Orson Bean - Comedian
July 22, 1932 - Oscar de la Renta
July 22, 1940 - Alex Trebek - Is an Emmy Award-winning Canadian-American television personality and game show host. He has been the host of the game show Jeopardy! since September 10, 1984. He has hosted numerous game/quiz shows and has appeared in television series, usually as himself. Though a native of Canada, he became a naturalized United States citizen in 1998. Born George Alexander "Alex" Trebek in Sudbury, Ontario, Canada on this day.
July 22, 1941 - George Clinton - American musician and the principal architect of P-Funk.
July 22, 1946 - Danny Glover - American Actor, Film Director and Political activist. He is best known for his role as Sgt. Roger Murtaugh in the in the four blockbuster "Legal Weapons" films series with fellow actor Mel Gibson. His other film include "Mandela," "The Color Purple" and "Places in the Heart." He recently starred with Jack Black in the comedy "Be Kind Rewind" and will appear along with Julia Stiles in the upcoming civil rights drama "Gospel Hill." glover was born in San Francisco on this day.
July 22, 1947 - Albert Brooks - Actor, comedian and writer - Brooks received a 1987 Oscar nomination for his performance in the movie "Broadcast News." His other film credits include "Taxi Driver," "Lost In America," and "I'll Do Anything." Recently, Brooks lent his voice talents to the animated features "Finding Nemo" and "The Simpsons Movie." Brooks also appeared in a recurring role on the cable TV series "Weeds." Brooks was born in Beverly Hills, California, on this day.
July 22, 1955 - William Dafoe
July 22, 1964 - David Spade - An American actor, comedian, television personality who gained fame in the 1990s as a cast member on Saturday Night Live, and from 1997 till 2003 as Dennis Finch on Just Shoot Me. He also replaced John Ritter along with James Garner on 8 Simple Rules. He currently stars as Russel Dunbarl on the CBS sitcom Rules of Engagement. Born David Wayne Spade in Birmingham, Michigan on this day.
July 22, 1978 - A.J. Cook - Actress - Cook who co-stars on the crime-drama series "Criminal Minds" on CBS and plays FBI behavioral-analysis-unit member Jennifer "J.J." Jareau. Cook's TV credits are Tru Calling, Vanished, Dead Like Me, Bloodsuckers, Higher Ground, First Wave, PSI: Factor: Chronicles of the Paranormal, Blue Moon, Elvis Meets Nixon, Goosebumps and In His Father's Shoes. Her movie credits are Night Skies, I'm Reed Fish, Final Destination 2, The House Next Door, Out Cold, Wishmaster 3: Beyond the Gates of Hell, Ripper, The Spiral Staircase, The Virgin Suicides, and Laserhawk. Cook was born in Oshawa, Ontario but resides in Los Angeles.


Emotional and loving
Intuitive and imaginative
Shrewd and cautious
Protective and sympathetic

On the dark side....

Changeable and moody
Overemotional and touchy
Clinging and unable to let go





  • Hobbies
  • Romance
  • Children
  • Home and Country
  • Parties
  • Aggravating situations
  • Failure
  • Opposition
  • Being told what to do
  • Advice (good or bad)

The color for Cancer is all the shining colors of the moon SILVER , SMOKY GRAY, VIOLET and SEA GREEN



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