Famous People with the Sun In Aquarius


(JAN. 20-FEB. 18)

January 20, 1859 - C. A. Lindburgh - Economist
January 20, 1896 - George Burns - Actor/ Comedian/ Singer
January 20, 1910 - Joy Adamson - Naturalist and Author of "Born Free" born in Troppau, Silesia, Austria-Hungary
January 20, 1920 - Federico Fellini - Director
January 20, 1920 - DeForest Kelly - Actor "Dr. Lenard Bones McCoy" on the TV series Star Trek born in Atlanta Georgia.
January 20, 1926 - Patricia Neal - Actress
January 20, 1930 - Edwin Aldrin - Astronaut
January 20, 1934 - Arte Johnson - Comedian star in "Laugh In" from the 1970's
January 20, 1942 - Phil Esposito - Hockey Player
January 20, 1946 - David Lynch - Director
January 20, 1952 - Paul Stanley Guitarist for KISS the Cat
January 20, 1956 - Bill Maher - TV personality - Maher currently host the cable talk show "Real time With Bill Maher." Maher previously hosted the controversial TV show "Politically Incorrect." Originally a stand-up comedian, Maher has appeared in films such as "EDtv," "Club Med" and "D.C. Cab." Maher has also guest-starred on series such as "Married... With Children," "Roseanne" and "Murder She Wrote." Maher was born in New York City, New York, on this day.
January 20, 1966 - Stacey Dash - An American film and Television Actress Dash started her career as a child actress on Sesame Street. She later appeared in shows such as The Cosby Show, where she acted beside friend Lisa Bonet, and in The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air.[1] Dash's first substantial television role was in the 1988 television series, TV 101 which also featured Matt LeBlanc and Sam Robards. The series was canceled after 13 episodes. Dash's first major film role was in the Richard Pryor comedy Moving in 1988. She also had sizeable roles in Mo' Money and Renaissance Man during this time. In 1995, Dash starred as a femme fatale in a low budget film, Illegal in Blue. Dash received her big break with the 1995 film Clueless, which starred Alicia Silverstone and Britney Murphy. After the TV series Clueless, her credits include View from the Top and smaller budget films, including Gang Of Roses, and Getting Played. She also has appeared in small guest roles on TV shows such as Eve and CSI: Crime Scene Investigation. Dash was also  featured in a music videos, . Aged 40, Stacey Dash posed nude in the August 2006 issue of Playboy. Dash is currently performing in the 2008 reality television series, Celebrity Circus. Born Stacey Lauretta Dash in Bronx, New York.
January 20, 1966 - Rainn Wilson - Actor - Wilson has won three Screen Actors Guild Awards, one as Arthur Martin on the cable TV series "Six Feet Under" and two as Dwight Schrute on the hit series "The Office." He's appeared in films such as "The Rocker," "Juno" and "Almost Famous" and he co-write and co-produce the upcoming film "Renaissance Men" in 2009. Wilson is married to author Holiday Reinhorn. Wilson was born in Seattle, Washington on this day.
January 20, 1969 - Melissa Rivers - TV Host
January 21, 1902 - Tallulah Bankhead - American Actress born in Huntsville, Alabama
January 21, 1905 - Christian Dior - Fashion Designer
January 21, 1921 - Benny Hill - British Comedian/ Actor from England.
January 21, 1924 - Telly Savalas - Actor played Detective Kojak
January 21, 1940 - Jack Nicklaus - Golf Sports Figure
January 21, 1941 - Placido Domingo - Singer
January 21, 1942 - Mack Davis - Singer
January 21, 1945 - Martin Shaw
January 21, 1947 - Jill Eikenberry - Actress - Is probably best remembered for her Golden Globe winning role as lawyer Ann Kelsey on the hit series "L.A. Law" in which she appeared as part of an ensemble cast along with her real life husband Michael Tucker. She's appeared in films such as "Arthur," "The Manhattan Project" and "An Unmarried Woman," as well as onstage in productions of "Lemon Sky" and "Life Under Water," both of which earned the actress Obie awards. Eikenberry was born in New Haven, Conn., on this day.
January 21, 1950 - Billy Ocean - Singer
January 21, 1956 - Geena Davis - Actress
January 21, 1965 - DJ Jazzy Jeff - Rab Singer
January 21, 1981 - Izabella Miko - Actress - Miko has appeared in films such as "Coyote Ugly," "Save the Last Dance 2" and "The House of Usher." On the small screen, Miko played a  recurring role on the acclaimed cable series "Deadwood." the actress studied to be a ballerina in her native Poland and has appeared in The Killer's' music video "Mr. Brightside." Miko well next portray goddess Athena in the upcoming epic "Clash of the Titans." Miko was born in Lodz, Poland, on this day.
January 22, 1788 - Lord Byron - Poet
January 22, 1875 - D. W. Griffith
January 22, 1934 - Billy Bixby - Actor
January 22, 1940 - John Hurt - Actor - Hurt was immortalized in Hollywood history for his infamous and bone-chilling death scene in the 1979 film horror classic "Alien." He's been in acclaimed films such as "Midnight express" and "The Elephant Man," as well as portraying Ollivander in the "Harry Potter" franchise and appearing in recent releases of "Hellboy II" and "Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull." Hurt was born in Derbyshire, England, on this day.
January 22, 1949 - Luke Perry - Actor
January 22, 1949 - Steve Perry
January 22, 1959 - Linda Blair - Actress
January 22, 1965 - Diane Lane - Actress
January 22, 1969 - Olivia D' Abo
January 22, 1981 - Mandah
January 22, 1981 - Nicholas Simmons -  is an American actor, musician, and comic book creator. He was born the son of Israeli-born musician Gene Simmons and Canadian-born actress/model Shannon Tweed. He has a sister named Sophie, who is three years younger than he. He is most notable as part of the cast of the A&E reality television show Gene Simmons Family Jewels. Born Nicholas Adams Tweed Simmons in Los Angeles, California on this day.
January 22, 1987 - Robyn Richards - Actress - Richards is probably better known to soap opera fans as Maxie Jones from both "General Hospital" and "Port Charles," a role that she played from 1993-2005. In 1998, Richards won a YoungStar Award for her soap opera work. Richards guest-starred on an episode of the mainstream series "Veronica Mars," and in 1995 she lent her voice talents to the animated feature "A Goofy Movie." Also in "Soap Talk" as herself in 2004.
January 23, 1783 - Stendhal - Writer
January 23, 1832 - Edouard Manet - Artist
January 23, 1898 - Sergei Eisenstein
January 23, 1899 - Humphrey Bogart - Actor
January 23, 1931 - Gene Hackman - Actor - starred in such movies as  "China Town" and "Superman."
January 23, 1944 - Rutger Hauer - Actor
January 23, 1949 - John Belushi - Actor/ Comedian - Started on "Saturday Night Live" now called "SNL" and created such characters as the Mexican killer bee, samurai cook and many others.  Starred in such films as "Animal House," and "1941."'
January 23, 1951 - David Patrick Kelly - Actor - Kelly was immortalized in Hollywood history for his improvised and chilling war chant in the role of Luther in the 1979 cult classic "the Warriors." Kelly has an extensive list of film credits including "Flags of Our Fathers," "The Longest Yard" and "48 Hrs." On television, Kelly made a recent guest appearance on "Gossip Girl," "Law & Order: Criminal Intent" and "Law & Order." Kelly is also an accomplished stage actor, appearing on Broadway in "twelfth Knight," and winning a 1998 Obie award. Kelly was born in Detroit on the day.
January 23, 1957 - Princess Caroline of Hanover
January 23, 1974 - Tiffini-Amber Thiessen - Actress - Thiessen rose to fame as Kelly on the Saturday morning kids' series "Saved by The Bell" and continued her success as Valerie on the hit series "Beverly Hills 90210" from 1994-99. Most recently, she starred on the short-lived show "what About Brian" and has appeared in films such as "Cyborg Soldier," "Pandemic" and "Hollywood Ending." Thiessen was born in Long Beach, California, on this day.
January 24, 1862 - Edith Wharton
January 24, 1917 - Ernest Borgnine - Actor - Borgnine won a 1955 Oscar playing the title role in the film "Marty" as well as starring in such classics as "from Here to "Eternity" and "the Poseidon Adventure." He's had success on the small screen with the series "McHale's Navy" and "Airwolf" as well as his recent starring role in the made-for-TV movie "A Grandpa for Christmas." With no letup in sight at age 92, Borgnine continues to work steadily with upcoming roles in the films "The Lion of Judah" and "Wishing Well." Borgnine was born in Hamden, Conn., on this day.
January 24, 1918 - Oral Roberts - Religious Figure
January 24, 1961 - Nastassja Kinski - Movie Actress - Kinski made her mark in the late '70s and '80s in sexy roles in films such as "Tess" and "Cat People," as well as a famous iconic poster with a snake. She's also appeared in David Lynch's "Inland Empire,' "The Claim" and "Terminal Velocity." this entertainer is the daughter of acclaimed German actor Klaus Kinski and she has dated composer Quincy Jones. Kinski was born in Berlin, Germany, on this date.
January 24, 1986 - Mischa Barton - Actress "the O.C."
January 25, 1759 - Robert Burns - Poet
January 25, 1874 - W. Somerset Maugham - Writer
January 25, 1882 - Virginia Woolf - Writer
January 25, 1919 - Edwin Newman
January 25, 1924 - Corazon Aquino - Political Leader
January 25, 1933 - María Corazón Sumulong Corazon-Aquino - President of the Philippines born in Manila
January 25, 1941 - Gregory Sierra - Actor - Sierra was a TV mainstay in the '70s, portraying Julio on "Sanford and Son," as well as Sgt. Amenguale on "Barney Miller." He also appeared regularly on "Miami Vice," "Soap" and "Murder She Wrote." On the big screen, Sierra has appeared in "Deep Cover," "Beneath the Planets of the Apes' and "The Towering Inferno." sierra was born in New york city, New York, on this day.
January 25, 1980 - Alicia Keys - Singer/ Songwriter
January 26, 1880 - Douglas Macarthur - Military
January 26, 1925 - Paul Newman - Actor - Was an American actor, film director, entrepreneur, humanitarian and auto racing enthusiast. He won numerous awards, including an Academy Award, two Golden Globe Awards, a Screen Actors Guild Award, a Cannes Film Festival Award, and an Emmy award, along with many honorary awards. He also won several national championships as a driver in Sports Car Club of America road racing and his race teams won several championships in open wheel IndyCar racing. Newman was a co-founder of Newman's Own, a food company from which Newman donated all profits and royalties to charity. As of May 2007, these donations had exceeded US$220 million. Newman was born Paul Leonard Newman in Shaker Heights, Ohio (a suburb of Cleveland), on this day.
January 26, 1928 - Eartha Kitt - Singer/ Actress played Catwoman on the 1960's Batman TV series
January 26, 1929 - Jules Feiffer
January 26, 1941 - Scott Glenn - Actor - Glenn has had memorable roles in such major films as "The Right Stuff," "Silence of the Lambs" and "The Hunt for Red October." This actor started on the stage, performing on Broadway in a 1965 production of "The Impossible Years." Recently, he appeared with Hilary Swank in "Freedom Writers" and with Matt Damon in "The Bourne Ultimatum." Glenn was born in Pittsburgh, on this day.
January 26, 1944 - Angela Davis - Radical
January 26, 1955 - Eddie Van Halen - Guitarist, Musician - Halen has performed guitar duties for the rock group Van Halen since 1972, when the band was originally called Mammoth. Eddie and the rest of the band were inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2007. The guitarist is the brother of Van Halen drummer Alex Van Halen and Eddie's son Wolfgang has currently assumed the role of bass player for the band. Born in Amsterdam, Netherlands, on this day.
January 26, 1961 - Wayne Gretsky - Hockey Star
January 27, 1756 - Wolfgang Mozart - Composer
January 27, 1832 - Lewis Carroll - Writer
January 27, 1948 - Mikhail Baryshnikov
January 27, 1959 - Cris Collinsworth - Sportscaster and former NFL star - Collinsworth played in two Super Bowls and three Pro Bowls as a wide receiver during his career with the Cincinnati Bengals from 1981-88, as well as being a college All-American at the University of Florida. He moved to broadcasting after his retirement and has won four Emmy awards for his work in the categories of Outstanding Studio Analyst and Outstanding Sports Personality/Studio Analyst. Colllinsworth was born in Dayton, Ohio, on this day.
January 27, 1964 - Bridget Fonda - Actress
January 27, 1976 - Chris Gauthier - Actor - Gauthier currently appears regularly as Vincent on the off-beat sci-fi series "Eureka." Gauthier also starred as Malcolm Ross on the series "Harper's Island." On the big screen, he appeared in the recent releases "Mr. Nobody," "Watchmen" and "Space Buddies." Gauthier was born in Luton, England, on this day.
January 28, 1873 - Sidonie-Gabrielle Colette - Writer
January 28, 1887 - Arthur Rubinstein
January 28, 1892 - Ernst Lubitsch
January 28, 1912 - Jackson Pollock
January 28, 1933 - Susan Sontag - Writer
January 28, 1936 - Alan Alda - Actor - Alda is still widely recognized for his role as Capt. "Hawkeye" Pierce on the classic TV series "M*A*S*H" from 1972-1983. During his tenure on the show, Alda won three Emmys for acting, one for writing and another for directing. Alda won another Emmy in 2006 for portraying Sen. Arnold Vinick on the series "The West Wing." He was nominated for an Oscar for his performance in the 2004 Martin Scorsese film "The Aviator." Alda was born in Bronx, New York, on this day.
January 28, 1950 - Barbie Benton - Celebrity/ Playboy Center Fold
January 28, 1968 - Sarah McLachlan
January 28, 1981 - Elijah Wood - Actor.
January 28, 1987 - Chelsea Brummet - Actress - Brummet claim to fame was appearing on the popular kids' series "All that" from 2000-05. She's guest-starred on "The War at Home," "Drake & Josh" and "Gilmore Girls." Also a singer, Brummet recorded the single "Nothing Day." This performer will next star in the upcoming movie "Lure." Brummet was born in Elgin, Ill., on this day.
January 29, 1737 - Thomas Paine
January 29, 1860 - Anton Chekov - Writer - was a Russian short-story writer and playwright, considered to be one of the greatest short story writers in world literature.[1] His playwriting career produced four classics: The Seagull, Uncle Vanya, Three Sisters, and The Cherry Orchard; and his best short stories are held in high esteem by writers and critics. Born Anton Pavlovich Chekhov in Taganrog, a port on the Sea of Azov in southern Russia
January 29, 1880 - W. C. Fields - Actor
January 29, 1923 - Paddy Chayefsky
January 29, 1939 - Germaine Greer - Feminist
January 29, 1945 - Tom Selleck - Actor - played Magnum PI on the series of the same name.
January 29, 1954 - Oprah 'Gail" Winfrey - Talk Show Host  born in Kosciusko, Mississippi on this day. Creator and founder of the HARPO Production company.
January 29, 1970 - Heather Graham - Actress - Graham is probably best known for portraying Felicity Shagwell in the 1999 film "Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me." Her other film credits include "Boogie Nights," "From Hell" and "Drugstore Cowboy." She also starred in the 2006 series "Emily's Reasons Why Not." Graham was born in Milwaukee on this day.
January 29, 1975 - Sara Gilbert - Actress - Gilbert made her biggest splash in TV, portraying Darlene on the hit series "Roseanne" from 1988-1997. She currently appears in a recurring role on "Big Bang Theory" and has guest-starred on episodes of "Law & Order: SVU" and "Private Practice." On the big screen, Gilbert has appeared in "Laws of Attraction," "Riding in Cars With Boys" and "Poison Ivy." Gilbert was born in Santa Monica, California, on this day.
January 30, 1882 - Franklin D. Roosevelt - President US
January 30, 1912 - Barbara Tuchman
January 30, 1922 - Dick Martin - TV Host
January 30, 1930 - Gene Hackman - Actor - Hackman won a Oscar for his portrayal of hard-nose cop "Popeye" Doyle in the 1971 classic "The French Connection" and another as "Little Bill" in the 1992 Clint Eastwood film "Unforgiven." His resume of films includes such classics as "Bonnie & Clyde," "Superman" and "The Poseidon Adventure." Now retired from acting, Hackman has written the novels "Wake of the Perdido Star," "Justice For None" and "Escape From Andesonville." Hackman was born in San Bernardino, California on this day.
January 30, 1937 - Vanessa Redgrave - Actress
January 30, 1951 - Phil Collins - Singer and actor - Collins found superstar success both as a solo artist and as singer and drummer for the band Genesis. as a solo artist, his hits include "In the Air Tonight," "Sussudi," and "Another Day in Paradise." For Genesis, Collins crooned such hits as "Follow You Follow Me," "Land of Confusion" and "We Can't Dance." Collins is also an accomplished actor and starred in the 1988 comedy "Buster." Collins was born in London, England, on this day.
January 30, 1974 - Christian "Morgan" Bale - Actor born in Haverford west, Pembrokeshire, Wales
January 31, 1797 - Franz Schubert - Composer
January 31, 1872 - Zane Grey
January 31, 1881 - Anna Pavlova - Dancer
January 31, 1887 - Charles E.O. Carter - Astrologer
January 31, 1892 - Eddie Cantor - Entertainer
January 31, 1903 - Tallulah Bankhead - Actress
January 31, 1919 - Jackie Robinson - Baseball Lengend, Sports Figure
January 31, 1921 - Carol Channing - Actress
January 31, 1921 - Mario Lanza
January 31, 1921 - Mario Lanza - Singer
January 31, 1923 - Carol Channing Actress/ Singer
January 31, 1923 - Norman Mailer - Writer
January 31, 1938 - Princess Beatrix - Neth Royalty
January 31, 1947 - Nolan Ryan
January 31, 1959 - Kelly Lynch - Actress
January 31, 1970 - Minnie Driver - Actress - Driver was nominated for a 1997 Oscar for her performance in the film "Good Will Hunting." Other films for the actress include "Beautiful," "Ella Enchanted" and "The Phantom of the Opera." Currently, driver stars on the hit series "The Riches" and has been nominated for an Emmy award for her work on the series. The actress also had a recurring role on the series "Will & Grace." Driver was born in London, England, on this day.
February 1, 1561 - Sir Francis Bacon - Writer
February 1, 1882 - Louis St. Laurent
February  1, 1901 - Clark Gable - Actor
February 2, 1902 - Langston Hughes
February 1, 1904 - S. J. Perelman
February 1, 1923 - Benjamin "Ben" Weider - Was the co-founder of the International Federation of BodyBuilders (IFBB) along with brother Joe Weider. He was a Jewish businessman from Montreal well-known in two areas: Bodybuilding and Napoleonic history.
In Bodybuilding he founded and ran a physical fitness and sporting goods company bearing his name. He was IFBB president until October 29th 2006, when he announced his retirement. He donated a gym to the Israeli Knesset. In Napoleonic circles Weider was known as a forceful advocate of the theory that Napoleon was assassinated by a member of his entourage during his exile in Saint Helena. In 1975 he was made a Member of the Order of Canada and was promoted to Officer in 2006.[2] In 2000, he was made a Knight of the National Order of Quebec. On October 12, 2000, he received the French Legion of Honor. Weider was also a 1984 nominee for the Nobel Peace Prize. Weider was born in Montreal, Quebec, Canada.
February 1, 1938 - Sherman Hemsley - Actor played George Jefferson in All in the Family and the Jefferson sitcoms
February 1, 1941 - Joy Philbin - is the wife of television personality Regis Philbin. she has hosted the HGTV television show and the syndicated home show Haven. she occasionally co-hosts with her husband on his show Live With Regis And Kelly when Kelly Ripa has a day off. She and Regis Philbin have been married since March 1, 1970 and have two children together Joanna and Jennifer. Born Joy Senese on this day in New York, New York.
February 1, 1969 - Lisa Marie Presley Singer, the King's Daughter
February 1, 1984 - Lee Thompson Young - Actor - Young made his biggest splash to date starring in the title role of the series "The Famous Jett Jackson" from 1999-2001. On the big screen, Young has appeared in movies such as "The Hills Have Eyes II" and "Friday Night Lights," as well as "Jett Jackson: The Movie." Recently, the actor has been guest-starring on various TV shows like "Scrubs," "FlashForward" and "Lincoln Heights." Young was born in Columbia, S.C., on this day.
February 2, 1882 - James Joyce - Writer
February 2, 1902 - Charles Lindbergh - Pilot
February 2, 1940 - Graham Nash - Musician
February 2, 1947 - Farrah Fawcett - Actress and TV star - Was an American actress. A multiple Golden Globe and Emmy Award nominee, Fawcett rose to international fame when she first appeared as private investigator Jill Munroe in the TV series Charlie's Angels in 1976. Fawcett later appeared off-Broadway to the approval of critics and in highly rated television movies in roles often challenging (The Burning Bed, Nazi Hunter: The Beate Klarsfeld Story, Poor Little Rich Girl: The Barbara Hutton Story, Margaret Bourke-White) and sometimes unsympathetic (Small Sacrifices). Fawcett was also a pop culture figure whose hairstyle was emulated by millions of young women and whose poster sales broke records, making her an international sex symbol in the 1970s and 1980s. While her impact was particularly strong on the teens of the 1970s, her appeal spreads over multiple generations. Farrah was born Ferrah Leni Fawcett in Corpus Christi, Texas, the younger of two daughters, on this day.
February 2, 1949 - Brent Spiner - Actor - Spiner made his place in TV lore portraying the robot Lt. Cmdr. Data on "Star Trek: The Next Generation" from 1987-1994 and in four "star Trek" motion pictures. He's also appeared in films such as "The Aviator," "I Am Sam" and "Independence Day." Recently, he's guest-starred on "Leverage" and starred in the series "Threshold" as well as appearing in a recurring role on "Star Trek" spinoff "Enterprise" as Dr. Arik Soong. Spiner was born in Houston, Texas, on this day.
February 2, 1954 - Christie Brinkley - Model - Brinkley rose to fame on the cover of several Sports Illustrated swimsuit issues in the late '70s and early '80s. She became known as "the red Ferrari girl" in the 1983 film "National Lampoon's Vacation" and would reprise the role in 1997's "National Lampoon's Vegas Vacation." She briefly hosted "Living in the Nineties With Christie Brinkley" and wrote "Christie Brinkley's Outdoor Beauty and Fitness Book." Brinkley was married to rock star Billy Joel from 1985-1994 and received a highly publicized divorce from estate developer Peter Cook in 2008.
February 2, 1962 - Michael T. Weiss - Actor
February 2, 1970 - Jennifer Westfeldt - Actress - Westfeldt starred on the series "Notes From the Underbelly" for two seasons as well as appearing in the recurring roles of Meredith Reed on "24" and Jen Harmon on "Grey's Anatomy." Westfeldt made hr TV debut on the series "Two Guys, a Girl and a Pizza Place" in 1998 before drawing widespread acclaimed for her performance in the 2001 indie movie "Kissing Jessica Stein." Jennifer was born in Guilford, Conn., on this date.
February 2, 1977 - Shakira - Pop singer
February 3, 1885 - Gilbert Bessemeyer - Embezzler
February 3, 1874 - Gertrude Stein - Writer
February 3, 1894 - Norman Rockwell - American Artist
February 3, 1943 - Blythe Danner - Actress - Also the mother of actress Gwyneth Paltrow and director Jack Paltrow. Danner recently won consecutive Emmy awards for her performance on the series "Huff." She also won a Tony award in 1970, appearing in the play "Butterflies are free." She appeared regularly on "Will & Grace" and has starred in films such as "Sylvia," "The Prince of Tides" and "Futureworld." Danner was born in Philadelphia on this day.
February 3, 1965 - Maura Tierney - Actress - Tierney starred as Abby Lockhart on the hit series "ER" and portrayed Lisa Miller on "NewsRadio." On the big screen, Tierney appeared in films such as "Baby Mama," "Insomnia" and "Liar Liar." She had a recurring role on the popular cable series "Rescue Me" and has guest-starred on series such as "Law & Order" and "King of the Hill." Tierney was born in Boston, on this day.
February 4, 1881 - Fernand Leger - Artist
February 4, 1902 - Charles Lindbergh
February 4, 1921 - Betty Freidan - Feminist
February 4, 1940 - George A. Romero - Director - Romero created the 1969 cult classic horror movie "Night of the Living Dead," as well as its two popular sequels "Dawn of the Dead" and "Day of the Dead." In recent years, Romero revisited the world of the undead with "Land of the Dead" and "Dairy of the Dead" and is currently working on the latest installment of the series, "Survival of the Dead." Romero was born in New York City on this day.
February 4, 1945 - David Brenner - Comedian
February 4, 1947 - Dan Quayle - Vice President US
February 4, 1948 - Alice cooper - Rocker/ Musician
February 4, 1959 - Lawrence Taylor - Former NFL star and actor - Taylor was a 10-time Pro Bowl selection and the 1986 MVP during a 13 year career with the New York Giants. He entered the Pro Football Hall Of Frame in 1999 and gave an outstanding performance in the Oliver Stone film "Any given Sunday." He also appeared in the films "The Waterboy" and "Shaft," as well as the popular cable TV series "The Sopranos." Taylor was born in Williamsburg, Va. on this day.
February 4, 1969 - Brandy Ledford - Actress - Played "Doyle" in the sci-fi series "Andromeda," "Stargate: Atlantis," "Stargate: SG-1," "Smallville," "Baywatch" Born Denver, Colorado. 
February 5, 1900 - Adlai Stevenson - Politician
February 5. 1934 - Hank Aaron - Sports Figure
February 5, 1948 - Barbara Hershey -Actress
February 5, 1948 - Christopher Guest - Writer, director and actor - Guest is probably best known for his role as Nigel Tufnel in the 1984 Rob Reiner comedy "This Is Spinal Tap." He won a 1976 Emmy for co-writing "The Lily Tomlin Special" and spent the 1984-85 TV season as a cast member of "Saturday Night Live." His film credits include "The Princess Bride." "Waiting For Guffman" and "A Mighty Wind." Guest has been married to actress Jamie Lee Curtis since 1984.
February 5, 1962 - Jennifer Jason Leigh
February 5, 1969 - Michael Sheen - Actor - Sheen has appeared I such films as "New Moon," "Frost/Nixon" and "Blood Diamond." He's starred in British TV movies "Gallowglass" and "The Deal," as well as appearing on stag in the role of Mozart in "Amadeus," both on and off Broadway. This thespian will next grace the big screen along Johnny Depp in Tim Burton's version of "Alice in Wonderland" in 2010. sheen was born in Newport, Wales, on this day.
February 6, 1756 - Aaron Burr
February 6, 1895 - Babe Ruth - Sports Figure
February 6, 1911 - Ronald Reagan - President US
February 6, 1917 - Zsa Zsa Gabor - Actress/ Celebrity
February 6, 1912 - Eva Braun - Hitler's Consort
February 6, 1931 - Rip Torn - Actor
February 6, 1940 - Tom Brokaw - Newscaster
February 6, 1943 - Fabian - Singer
February 6, 1945 - Michael Tucker - Actor - Tucker's greatest success to date came with his three-time Emmy nominated role as Stuart Markowitz on the acclaimed TV drama "L.A. Law" from 1986-1994. He's appeared in films such as "The Eyes of Laura Mars," "the Purple Rose o Cairo" and "L.A. Law: The Movie." Recently, Tucker has appeared as a guest star on series such as "Law & Order," "The District' and "Judging Amy." tucker was born in Baltimore on this day.
February 6, 1951 - Maria Shriver
February 6, 1962 - Axl Rose - Singer and songwriter - Rose has been the frontman for the hard rock band Guns N' Roses since 1985. Rose, born William Bruce Rose Jr., has written most of the songs on the bands biggest-selling albums "Appetite for Destruction," "Use Your Illusion I," and "Use Your Illusion II." Rose collaborated with Sebastian Bach on the 2007 single "Back in the Saddle" and Guns N' Roses recently released their latest and long-awaited album, "Chinese Democracy" 2009. Rose was born in Lafayette, Ind., on this day.  
February 7, 1812 - Charles Dickens - Writer/ Author
February 7, 1870 - Alfred Adler - Psychiatrist
February 7, 1885 - Sinclair Lewis - Writer
February 7, 1917 - Stephen Crane - Writer
February 7, 1960 - James Spader - Actor - Spader has the distinction of winning an Emmy for the same character on two different series when he won for portraying attorney Alan Shore on "The Practice" in 2004 and then won the same award while appearing on "Boston Legal" in 2005 and 2007. His film resume includes "Stargate," "Sex, Lies and Videotape" and "Pretty in Pink." Now that the very popular "Boston Legal" has aired its final episode, die-hard fans are waiting to see where this quirky and talented actor will land next. Spader was born in Boston on this day.
February 7, 1962 - Garth Brooks - Country music Western Singer star - Brooks has topped the country charts with singles such as "If Tomorrow Never Comes," "The Dance" and Friends In Low Places." He's won two Grammy awards, earned two Emmy nominations and received a Golden Globe nomination in his illustrious career. Retired from music since 2001, Brooks came out of retirement in 2009 to perform in Las Vegas. brooks was born in Tulsa, Okla., on this day.
February 7, 1966 - Chris Rock - Comedian / Actor
February 7, 1978 - Ashton Kutcher - Actor - That 70's Show
February 8, 1688 - Emanuel Swedenborg - Occultist
Feburary 8, 1868 - Evangeline "Smith" Adams - American Astrologer born in Jersey City, New Jersey 
February 8, 1819 - John Ruskin - Writer
February 8, 1921 - Lana Turner - Actress
February 8, 1928 - Jules Vern - Writer
February 8, 1931 - James Dean - Actor
February 8, 1932 - John Williams - Composer - Williams has created some of the most memorable scores in movie history, including themes for "Star Wars," "superman" and "Jaws." He's been nominated for 45 Academy Awards and has won Oscar for his compositions in "Fiddler On The Roof," "E.T: The Extra-Terrestrial," and "Schindler's List." Williams also created the themes for the classic TV shows "Lost in Space" and "The Time Tunnel." Williams was born in Queens, New York City, New York on this day.
February 8, 1925 - Jack Lemmon - Actor
February 8,1941 - Nick Nolte - Actor
February 8, 1974 - Seth Green
February 9, 1891 - Ronald Coleman - Actor
February 9, 1914 - Gypsy Rose Lee - Entertainer
February 9, 1942 - Carol King - Songwriter
February 9, 1943 - Joe Pesci - Comedian/ Actor
February 9, 1945 - Mia Farrow - Actress
February 9, 1955 - Charles Shaughnessy - Actor Shaughnessy achieved his greatest success to date portraying Sheffield on the hit series "The Nanny" from 1993-99. Shaughnessy reunited with "Nanny" co-star Fran Drescher for two seasons on "Living With Fran." Recently this performer was a guest-star on "Hannah Montana" and "Mad Men." His first big break came with the role of Shane Donovan on "Days of Our Lives" from 1984-1992. Shaughnessy was born in London, England, on this day.
February 9, 1979 - Ziyi Zhang - Actress - Zhang made her biggest U.S. splash in the 2000 epic film "Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon." Her other films include "House of the Flying Daggers," "Memoirs of a Geisha" and "TMNT." Her most recent film was the Chinese release of "Forever Enthralled." This international star will next appear opposite Dennis Quaid in the 2009 thriller "The Horsemen." Zhang was born in Beijing, China on this day.
February 10, 1890 - Boris Pasternak - Writer
February 10, 1894 - Harold MacMillan - Prime Minister
February 10, 1494 - Rabelais - Writer
February 10, 1927 - Mary Violet  Leontyne Price
February 10, 1950 - Mark Spitz - Swimmer
February 10, 1927 - Leotyne Price - Singer
February 10, 1930 - Robert Wagner - Actor
February 10, 1955 - Greg Norman - Golf great - Norman is a two-time British open champion and was the PGA player of the year in 1995. Norman finished third at the 2008 British open though these days he devotes most of his time to designing golf courses and he co-owns the sports equipment company MacGregor Golf. In June 2008, Norman married former tennis superstar Chris Evert. Norman was born in Queensland, Australia, on this day.
February - 10, 1964 - Glenn Beck - Controversial host - Beck currently hosts the news show "Glenn Beck" as well as the national radio show, "The Glenn Beck Program." He's written several best-selling books, including "Arguing With Idiots: How to Stop Small Minds and Big Government" and "Glenn Beck's Common Sense: The Case Against an Out-Of -Control Government." Beck was born in Everett, Washington on this day.
February - 10, 1967 - Laura Dern - Actress
February 11, 1847 - Thomas Alva Edison
February 11, 1919 - Eva Gabor - Actress
February 11, 1920 - King Farouk - Egypt Royalty
February 11, 1926 - Leslie Nielsen - Comedic Actor - Nielsen is well known for portraying the bumbling Frank Drebin in "The Naked Gun" trilogy and in the TV series "Police Squad!" His other comedic triumphs include the "Scary Movie" franchise "Airplane!" and "Spy Hard." He's also appeared in scores of dramatic roles, such as "Forbidden Planet," "The Poseidion Adventure" and "Project: Kill." In the 1980's, Leslie's brother Erik served as Deputy Prime Minister of Canada. Nielsen was born in Regina, Saskatchewan, on this day.  
February 11, 1936 - Burt Reynolds - Actor
February 11, 1964 - Sarah Palin - Is the 11th Governor of Alaska and the Republican vice-presidential nominee in the 2008 United States presidential election. She was a member of the Wasilla, Alaska, city council from 1992 to 1996 and mayor from 1996 to 2002. After an unsuccessful campaign for lieutenant governor of Alaska in 2002, she chaired the Alaska Oil and Gas Conservation Commission from 2003 to 2004. She was elected governor of Alaska in November 2006 by defeating the incumbent governor in the Republican primary and a former two-term Democratic governor in the general election. She is the youngest person to have been elected to the position, and is Alaska's first female governor. Palin was born in Sandpoint, Idaho on this day.
February 12, 1809 - Abraham Lincoln - President US
February 12, 1880 - John L. Lewis - Union Leader
February 12, 1908 - Charles Darwin - Evolutionist
February 12, 1915 - Lorne Greene - Actor
February 12, 1916 - Joseph Alioto - Politician
February 12, 1939 - Ray Manzarek - Musician - Manzarek was the keyboardist for the legendary rock band "The Doors" in the late '60s and early '70s. He currently tours with riders On the Storm, featuring former Doors guitarist Robby Krieger and singer Brett Scallions formerly of Fuel. Manzarek has also worked as a music producer, most notably with the punk band X in the 1980s. He also wrote the 2006 novel "Snake Moon." Manzarek was born in Chicago on this day.
February 12, 1953 - Joanna Kerns - Actress )
February 12, 1968 - Chynna Phillips - Singer
February 12, 1980 - Christina Ricci
February 13, 1885 - Bess Truman - First Lady
February 13, 1933 - Kim Novak - Actress
February 13, 1934 - George Segal - Actor - Segal may be better known to younger audience as Jack Gallo on the hit sitcom "Just Shot Me" from 1997-2003. His resume of starring roles include the original 1977 "Fun With Dick and Jane," "The Owl And the Pussycat" and "Who's Afraid Of Virginia Woolf?" Most recently, Segal appeared on an episode of the series "Private Practice." Segal was born in Long Island, New York, on this day.
February 13, 1944 - Stockard Channing - Actress
February 13, 1944 - Jerry Springer - TV Host.
February 13, 1950 - Peter Gabriel - Singer/ Song Writer
February 14, 1882 - John Barrymore - Actor
February 14, 1894 - Jack Benny - Comedian/ early Sitcom Actor
February 14, 1913 - James Hoffa - Union Leader
February 14, 1913 - James Pike
February 14, 1921 - Hugh Downs - TV Host
February 14, 1927 - Harvy Korman - Actor/ Comedian.
February 14, 1934 - Florence Henderson - Actress Miss Brady of the Brady Bunch
February 14, 1944 - Carl Berstein - Journalist
February 14, 1960 - Meg Tilly - Actress
February 15, 1564 - Galileo Galilei - Was a Tuscan (Italian) physicist, mathematician, astronomer, and philosopher who played a major role in the scientific revolution.
February 15, 1820 - Susan B. Anthony - American Civil Rights Leader, born in Massachusetts Adams, Massachusetts (West Grove)
February 15, 1927 - Harvey Korman - American comedic actor - Korman who performed in television and movies production beginnings in 1960. His big break was being featured performer on "The Danny Kaye Show," but was probably best remember for performance on the sketch comedy series "The Carol Burmett Show" and in comedy films of "Mel Brooks," most notably as Hedley Lamarr in "Blazing Saddles." His early work included voice-over work on "Tom and Jerry" and as "the Great Gazoo" on "The Flintstones." Was born Harvey Herschel Korman in Los Angeles, California.
February 15, 1930 - Sarah Jane Moore - Criminal
February 15, 1935 - Roger Chaffee - Astronaut
February 15, 1951 - Jane Seymour - Actress
February 15, 1954 - Matt Groening - Producer and Cartoonist - Groening is the creator of the popular animated TV family "The Simpsons." Groening created "The Simpsons" as a short feature in 1987 during "The Tracey Ullman Show." The characters took off and became the long-running series that has won 11 Emmys and is now in its 20th season. Groening also produced the series "Futurama" and has penned the syndicated comic strip "Life in Hell" since 1978. Groening was born in Portland, Oregon, on this day.
February 15, 1971 - Alex Borstein - Actress - Borstein has provided the voice of Lois Griffin on "Family Guy" since 1999. Borstein first made her mark on TV as a cast member of the comedy series "MADtv" from 1997-2002. On the big screen, she's appeared in films such as "Little Man," "Catwoman" and "Bad Santa." This performer has been married to actor/director Jackson Douglas since 1999. Alex Borstein was born in Highland Park, Ill., on this day.
February 15, 1971 - Renee O'Connor - Actress played Gabrielle on Xena Warrior Princess
February 15 1978 - Liana Kerzner - Better known by her stage name, Liana K, is a Canadian television entertainer who co-hosts the talk show, Ed's Night Party. After studying English Literature and Anthropology for a time at York University, she abandoned her academic studies in 1997 when she was hired for behind-the-scenes work on Ed's Night Party. This eventually led to Kerzner earning the positions of senior producer and co-head writer of the program. By 2004, she joined Ed the Sock to become the first female co-host in the 14 year history of the show. Kerzner has also been involved in many of Ed the Sock's other media projects, including the annual Fromage specials and Smartass: The Ed the Sock Report, both on the Canadian cable music and variety television channel MuchMusic. She and Ed also co-hosted the 2007 Constellation Awards. She has also written for the Accidental Comics series Ed and Red's Comic Strip (in which she appears in both photographs and art), and has appeared at a number comic book and science fiction conventions to promote the comic and Ed's Night Party; she usually appears at these events dressed in the costume of a comic book or SF character, such as the illustrated example at right in which she appeared as Power Girl, and the 2008 Calgary Comic & Entertainment Expo for which she dressed in Princess Leia's slave girl outfit from Return of the Jedi. Kerzner has been also active as a performer in theatre and competitive dance from a young age. In truth, Liana never thought her appearance would be a factor in her future, since all through her childhood it was her intelligence that took centre stage. A genius-level IQ, Liana skipped grades and spent her formative years corralled like veal in one gifted class after another. This led her to an English scholarship at Toronto's York University, which she walked away from to join the circus (the world of TV). Another thing that makes Liana different from other TV babes -- she's real. What you see is what you get. Her hair color is natural, her nose is still the one she was born with and her breasts, though sizeable, are natural. And she doesn't submit to the beauty myth that causes others to starve themselves to size 0. Liana is a proud size 10 and, as the enthusiastic response of our male TV audience has proven, women don't need to be toothpicks to make men drool. Just check out her 2006 calendar. When not working on producing, hosting and writing Ed's projects or developing her new TV, comic book and radio projects, Liana spends time at home with her pets, toys, videogames and books or checking out the independent music scene in Toronto. Liana was born in Toronto, Ontario, Canada on this day.
February 16, 1665 - Queen Anne - Royalty
February 16, 1903 - Edgar Bergan - Ventriloquist
February 16, 1909 - Max Baer - Boxer
February 16, 1935 - Sonny Bono - Singer for the duo group Sonny and Cher
February 16, 1951 - William Katt - Actor - Katt might be best known for portraying Paul Drake Jr: in the revival of the series "Perry Mason" in the 1980s. He also starred in the series "The Greatest American Hero" from 1981-1983. On the big screen, Katt has starred in films such as "Carrie," "House" and "Gamers." More recently, Katt has guest-starred on series such as "Heros" and "House M.D." Katt is the real-life son of "Perry Mason" co-star Barbara Hale. Katt was born in Los Angeles on this day.
February 16, 1958 - Ice-T "Tracy Marrow'"-Rapper/ Actor
February 17, 1766 - Thomas Malthus - Economist
February 17, 1902 - Marian Anderson - Singer
February 17, 1925 - Hal Holbrook - Entertainer
February 17, 1936 - Jim Brown
February 17, 1981 - Paris Whitney Hilton - American Celebutante, an Actress, model, Singer, Heiress to the Hilton fortune born in New York, New York.
February 17, 1981 - Joseph Gordon-Lewitt - Actor - Gordon-Lewitt is probably best known for portraying Tommy Solomon on the hit series "3rd Rock From the Sun" from 1996-2001. Before that, he had a recurring role on "Roseanne" and has since appeared in films such as "Angels in the Outfield," "Manic" and "Brick." Gordon-Lewitt will next star as Cobra Commander in the upcoming film "G.I. Joe: the Rise of Cobra" in 2009. Gordon-Lewitt was born in Los Angeles, California on this day.
February 18, 1836 - Ramakrishna - Mystic
February 18, 1862 - Charles M. Schwab - Industrialist
February 18, 1894 - Andres Sogovia - Musician
February 18, 1890 - Adolph Manjou - Actor
February 18, 1922 - Helen Gurley Brown - Publisher
February 18, 1933 - Yoko Ono - Singer, wife of the late John Lennon
February 18, 1950 - Cybill Shepherd - Actress - Cybill starred as Maddie Hayes on the 1980s series "Moonlighting" with the then little known Bruce Willis, and as Cybill Sheridan on the 1990s series "Cybill," winning Golden Globe awards for both roles. Her film credits include "Taxi Driver," "The Last Picture Show" and "The Heartbreak Kid." Currently. this Southern belle appears regularly on the series "The L Word" and "Psych." Cybill was born in Memphis on this day.
February 18, 1954 - John Travolta - Actor
February 18, 1957 - LeVar Burton - Actor - Burton is perhaps best known for his role as Geordi La Forge on the popular sci-fi series "Star Trek: The Next Generation." Burton first drew notice in his Emmy-winning role as Kunta Kinte in the blockbuster 1977 miniseries "Roots." Burton also hosted the popular children's series "Reading Rainbow" and has guest-starred recently on "Family Guy" and "Becker." Burton was born in Landstuhl, Germany, on this day.
February 18, 1964 - Matt Dilllon - Actor


Friendly and humanitarian
Honest and loyal
Original and inventive
Independent and intellectual

On the dark side....

Intractable and contrary
Perverse and unpredictable
Unemotional and detached




  • Fighting for Causes

  • Dreaming and Planning for the Future

  • Thinking of the Past

  • Good Companions

  • Having Fun


  • Full of Air Promises

  • Excessive Loneliness

  • The Ordinary

  • Imitations

  • Idealistic

The color of choice for Aquarius is TURQUOISE , Sky Blue and Electric Blue



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